truth, lies, and videotape

March 24, 2012 jadlesmom

I go back to court on the 5th of April, and I cannot wait. I want more time with my son. Right now I get him 3 days a week, 4 hours a day. I cannot bring him back to my friends house because my ex “doesn’t find it suitable”. I have no idea why, its clean and there is a place for him to sleep, and food to eat, and toys to play with, but thats not good enough. To say that i’m frustrated is a gross understatement. My ex even went so far and said I brought him home last Wednesday with dried poop on him. My son has been potty trained since he was 2, and he ALWAYS tells you when he has to go potty. They showed me his underwear, and it looked to me like he wasnt wiped properly, or he had a wet fart…tmi i know. But, in no way did it look like he pooped his pants and it dried up. my ex then called mke white trash, and lots of other names and said I should just step out of my sons life. 

It hurts, worse than most people know. Not only because hes undermining my ability as a mother, but also because this is someone I used to love with all my heart. We always said short of pysical or emotional abuse etc…, that we would never trash the others parenting ability. I guess promises are easily broken in his world.

Jadles, If you ever see this, I just want you to know…you mean the world to me. You are my bubba, my turtle, my life. I will fight til my last breath to have you in my life on a more permanent basis, and NOTHING will ever take me away from you.  


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