shake wei…..wait a minute

May 8, 2010 jadlesmom
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So im sitting in bed watching a infomercial for the shake weight. You know the weight that you hold in two hands and shake up and down? Ummmm its a little disturbing to me, for obvious reasons. Especially since theres one for men now…cant they achieve the same results another way?…..Ohhh no dirty minds, I meant shaking a can of corn or something, get ur mind out of the gutter.

In other news, Jadles is becoming worse and worse with the sleep. He takes one nap a day if we are lucky and doesnt want to go to sleep until 9:30 or 10 at night. I have tried to explain to him that babies his age have bedtimes and that would be 7 maybe 8. Hes having none of it. Im sure he will be awake right at 7:20 tomorrow morning as well.  Also, he has started to throw all of his food on the floor when he eats. The only things I can be sure are gonna end up in his mouth are, bananas, cereal bars, fruit snacks, peanut butter and jelly and any type of bread. I know that he wont starve, but its a little frustrating to say the least.      oh and here is a picture of him for anybody who wants to see….of course this is probably just for me, cause nobody visits this site anyway….lol


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